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The school broadly follows the CBSE curriculum. However, it has been supplemented and augmented to optimize teaching and learning and facilitate student’s holistic development and well being.


Through host of activities, clubs, workshops and excursions, students are provided enabling atmosphere to enhance intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. There is equal emphasis on academic rigour and engagements beyond the classroom through a wide spectrum of opportunities with life skills as the centerpiece.

At the same time the School stresses on cherishing one’s own culture and respecting that of others, as well as  on values-based learning.

The teaching at the School focuses on inculcating in the learner four key attributes: creativity and innovation, collaboration, leadership, and life-long learning. The different elements of the curriculum converge to bring out the best in every student and enable them to be on the path of continuous development and progress.

We constantly ensure that a completely integrated approach to teaching and learning are achieved in multiple ways -ongoing review of curriculum, introduction of new optional subjects and skills, the breadth of sports and co-curricular activities, and the regular upgrading of infrastructural facilities and resources.

While essential facilities and infrastructure is already up and functioning for upto middle-level classes (I to VIII), specialized, advanced facilities are being added in a phased manner in keeping with the requirements.


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