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The Sanskriti Public School is committed to developing confident, well rounded students with multifarious capabilities and the indomitable spirit to reach for the skies. The School’s curriculum provides a rich variety of co-curricular activities to enable students discover their talent and flair and accordingly pursue passions dear to them.

The School randomly places students in the four Houses so that each house has talent in equal measure. The Houses are: Eagle, Falcon, Kingfisher and Mayur.

Inter-house cultural and sports competitionsencourage healthy competition and team spirit. Students begin to contribute to class assemblies, concertsand drama productions, and take up roles of responsibility.

Performing Arts

These include Dance, Music, Singing, Drama, Drawing and Painting, Theatre. We provide facilities to students for self expression via music, theatre, dance, and performing arts.

Communication and Life Skills

Effective Communication is a primary requirement for success in any sphere. Even the best of the performers have been known to have had stage fright and nervousness.

The Sanskriti School helps students overcome hesitation and anxiety about performing before audience by providing various tiers of competitions to cause encouragement and instilling of confidence.

Debating, Elocution, Group Discussion, Role Plays, Situational Conversation, Mock Interview, Public Speaking are the activities through which students are trained in communication and social ettiquettes.

Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation classes are offered with a view to strengthen mind power, concentration,alacrity and flexibility. These activities together with Spritual talks also help in character building.

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