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About Us

Embodying the educational philosophy of our
Rashtrapita Mahatma Gandhi

“By education I mean an all round drawing of the best of child and man in body, mind and spirit.”


The Sanskriti Public School is built on over 3.5 acre plot of land in a premium location, easily approachable from all parts of the city.

The Sanskriti Public School is equipped with top class infrastructure that is both conducive and complementary to the noble aim of its umbrella Trust as well as the School. The ultra-modern campus comes with well ventilated and illuminated large classrooms, activity rooms, administrative and services spaces. The physical infrastructure is matched equally by qualityfurniture, gadgets, fittings and fixtures, lab and other equipments.

Architecture of the campus is eco-friendly and contemporary with functional utility being the primary consideration. Well manicured lawns, arboricultured open spaces and well positioned water bodies very well amalgamate with the campus buildings.

Our range of facilities, detailed separately, match the highest standards in education.


One of the founder members of the Sanskriti Public School, Dr Gayatri Singh, a reputed medical professional had a childhood yearning to give back something of lasting and enriching value to her native place. While on a visit to Kuwait and its much appreciated schools, she had her Eureka moment when she envisioned building an international standards educational facility in the city of Ara. The idea swiftly gathered momentum with her husband, Dr Ajay Kumar Singh and few other notable educationists and philanthropists joining hands for the noble cause. And thus was born an initiative culminating into vibrant, innovative, conducive, futuristic institution that the Sanskriti School is.

The Sanskriti Public School is being run under the aegis of Samrat Foundation Trust-a non-profit organization. The trustees include:

Dr Ajay Kumar Singh, Ex- MLC

 Dr Gayatri Singh, CMO Bihar Health Society

CA Sakshi Singh Ex-Deloitte

The trustees are known educationists and are engaged in social service at the State, National and International level.


To be an educational institute of eminence that will nurture smart, future ready and future shaping responsible citizens with Indian values and global perspective.


To create and provide a learning environ which excites and fosters acquirement of knowledge, skills and ethics through 4 E’s of Envision, Explore, Experiment and Establish.



तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

Tamso Ma Jyotir Gamay

From Darkness, Lead Me To Light



Humanity first


  1. Sri Nishchal Kumar – Chairman
  2. Sri Ram Updesh Singh, IAS
  3. Sri IC Kumar, IAS
  4. Sri Vijay Kumar, IAS
  5. Sri Durg Vijay Singh, Ex-Vice Chancellor
  6. Sri Surendra Narain Singh
  7. Dr S.N. Esa, M.S., Ex-Minister
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