The Sanskriti Public School is an English Medium Co-Ed School, to be Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, built on over 3.5 acre plot of land in a premium location, easily approachable from all parts of the city.

The Sanskriti Public School is equipped with top class infrastructure thatis both conducive and complementary to the noble aim of its umbrella Trust as well as the School. The ultra-modern campus comes with well ventilated and illuminated largeclassrooms, activity rooms, administrative and services spaces. The physical infrastructure is matched equally by qualityfurniture, gadgets, fittings and fixtures, lab and other equipments.

Architecture of the campus is eco-friendly and contemporary with functional utility being the primary consideration. Well manicured lawns, arboriculture open spaces and well positioned water bodies very well amalgamate with the campus buildings.

Our range of facilities, detailed separately, match the highest standards in education.

Sanskriti Public School
To be an educational institute of eminence that will nurture smart, future ready and future shaping responsible citizens with Indian values and global perspective.
To create and provide a learning environ which excites and fosters acquirement of knowledge, skills and ethics through 4 E’s of Envision, Explore, Experiment and Establish.
                      तमसो मा
       Tamso Ma Jyotir Gamay
From Darkness, Lead Me To Light

Working Together

Working together, a professor two students do worldclass research in the lab, in the field, and even over breakfast.




Sanskriti Public School is renowned for encouraging academic excellence & celebrating high achievement


Sport is enthusiastically celebrated throughout Sanskriti Public School students compete in the Intercollegiate sports


Musicians, Vocalists, Performers, Debaters and Dancers can all shine at Sanskriti Public School

Smart Classrooms, Activity Rooms, A-V Rooms

In order to best facilitate learning, the School has provided smart classrooms that use audio-visual methods of engaging students with their lessons which facilitates complete understanding. Our smart classes are equipped with latest innovative technology including LCD projectors and Interactive Digital board systems along with computers. A good part of the syllabus is taught using digital content developed in-house and acquired. Activity Rooms for Communication Related Skills, Performing Arts like Dramatics, Music, Singing, Painting & Drawing, Sculpting, Robotics, Animation & Video Editing etc are specially designed and equipped as per specific needs so as to provide ambient atmosphere and

Sciences Lab

There are separate Laboratories for carrying out studies and experiments in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Various Labs are provided with enough work stations so that the entire class may be accommodated simultaneously. Labs have plentiful latest Apparatuses, Chemicals & Regents, Biological Specimens & Models and various consumables.

Mathematics Lab

The Maths Lab allows students to explore mathematical concepts via games, puzzles and other modern teaching aids. In addition to teaching in the lab, students are encouraged to use lab facilities on their own to inculcate in them a spirit of discovery and invention.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab has latest Computers and Peripheral Devices along with a wide range of educational software and application software. Every student has access to a terminal in the lab.

Language Lab

Language Laboratory is fitted with latest multimedia equipment and audio-visual aids. Students are able to practice speaking a new language, record their work and take part in interactive sessions to improve their language skills while enjoying the experience.

Creativity Lab

Realizing the need to create scientific temper and cultivate the spirit of curiosity and innovation among young minds the school has setup a Tinkering or Let-Loose-Your Imagination Lab. It is a work space where young minds can give shape to their ideas through do-it yourself approach. Students get a chance to work with tools and equipments, gadgets and machinery to understand what, how and why aspects of man made things and thus foster curiosity, creativity and imagination and inculcate skills such as designing, building, testing etc.

Social Science & Communication Skills Lab

Social Science Laboratory has equipment, apparatus and materials required for each subject, such as pictures, posters, maps, globes, artefacts etc. to promote practical as well as theoretical learning. It provides a work space for students and teachers for interactive activities such as role playing, visualisation, competing/cooperating, problem solving and group discussions.